I cannot tell you not to use this company. However, I can describe my mom's move experience and urge you to consider if this is how you would like your belongings potentially handled.

I should have told them to leave as soon as they started, but I was desperate to get back to CO after 2.5 months in Alabama with my mother, who just had open heart surgery. Much of the fault lies with me for not stopping the process as soon as I saw how poorly things were being handled. However, I want to document my experience, so that you can avoid the call, the delay, the anguish associated with having to cancel a move.

The move was a "full pack" the contents of the entire house were moving. We were a direct ship, the only client.


The minute Rico stepped in the door this began. "you want this?", "this too", "what about this", "oh no", "this too", "you carry this it will break", "you don't need this", "you want this too" - all day. At the end of the day it was "no, truck full, "you don't need", "cannot carry". We had to argue for them to take things at that point. We were pressured to leave things behind. We asked for things to be packed that were left behind. We complained and asked the company to ship them to us at their expense. We're waiting for those items now. 

How my move was handled

When the truck arrived in Colorado, they began to unload the truck at the new house we are renting.


They began to unload and we had to stop them and ask them to put down protective floor covering over the carpeting. "We ran out". We asked them to go buy some before proceeding. No protective covering was placed on door frames, stairs, walls, or railings. The front door had scratches, the railing has a gauge in it where a treadmill was dropped on it, there is a chunk of plaster missing out of the wall where the treadmill hit, and there is a two foot long scratch on the wall where the treadmill was dragged down the stairs by Rico. Damage we have to pay our landlord. it's included in the $8000.00 damage claim we filed.

Two additional local contractors had to be called to assist with setting up the beds because the driver did not know how to do so, nor did he label any of the 3 beds that were taken apart, so he had no idea which pieces went where.

I too moved during this time as my husband and I moved in with my mother. Two other movers were engaged who were extremely professional. Both looked at how State to State Movers LLC had boxed and handled items and said it was "a scam", "completely unprofessional", "the worst kind of disregard for someone's belongings", and "and embarrassment to professional movers".

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