Used a Rental Truck

Office Contact:

Elvira was the office contact. She handled all of the calls and texts.



Rico. Handled the onsite move, directed local contractors, drove the truck, handled paperwork. 

He was directly responsible for loading, and packing quality. Contractors were directly overheard complaining that he was "telling them to pack incorrectly and poorly". 

Their Team

If you look on consumer sites such as, one of the "beware" items they say to look for is use of trucks that don't have the company logo.

In our case, they used an Enterprise Truck Rental. 

We were also charged a $1300.00 "shuttle" fee after being told an 18-wheeler could not make it down her street. The shuttle fee is charged when a smaller truck is used to access the site, then loaded. The items will be taken to another site and loaded onto an 18-wheeler for delivery. In our case, the "shuttle" was the only truck ever used. We were charged for a service that we never received. 

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